10by10 Team

Michelle Davis

Michelle is Head of Business Development at Greenborough Management Ltd, charged with leading on the identification of new funding streams and for driving their marketing and business development activities.  Michelle was the inspiration behind the set-up of the 10by10 programme, and is instrumental in the organisation and production of the 10by10 material.

Russell Copley

Russell_ColourRussell is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant of Greenborough Management ltd. Russell has worked for over 30 years in a number of business environments, from multi-national plcs to start-ups. He has worked in private and public sectors. He has developed and managed a number of successful businesses, both for himself, and others, and relishes a challenge. Russell is not only heavily involved in the running of the  Programme, he is one of the Facilitators for the ‘Funding and Growth’ with Simon, and leading the session on ‘Pitch Training’.


Lesley Crane

Lesley_1Lesley is a PhD and an experienced specialist consultant and entrepreneur in adult learning and development with a career that stretches 30 years. Her work spans both private and public sector, working for some of the most exciting and challenging organisations at international and national level. She has a particular focus and expertise on strategically leveraging technology to enhance and improve learning and education, with the emphasis on artificial intelligence and machine learning

Stuart Hartley

Stuart Hartley

Stuart has vast experience in helping businesses to innovate to drive productivity and has worked with many startup, and is leading the session on  ‘The Business Model’ to kick-start the programme.





Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey

Andrew has extensive experience of helping businesses and people achieve revenue and profit growth through a combination of strategy, marketing, pricing and commercial management. He considers himself a practitioner first and so knows what works and what doesn’t in real situations. Andrew has worked with many businesses from Corporate Multi-Nationals to SMEs, private and public sector. Andrew will be leading the ‘Goal Setting’ session.

Peter Watson

expo-east-newark-showground-25-04-2018-ss-52-copy-1.jpgPeter is the Managing Director of Distract, and Managing Partner of Featured Incubator. He has been working in marketing since the ripe old age of 16. He is now Managing Director of one of the fastest growing marketing and specialist Digital Marketing agencies in the East Midlands. Peter will be leading the session on ‘Route to Market and Marketing’ for the programme.

Alison Bull

Alison Bull_1

Alison is an experienced Market Research Professional with 15 years of experience from roles in London media owners (ITV, CNBC) and agencies, Market Research agencies and as an independent consultant. Her key area of expertise lies in helping businesses unlock potential through business intelligence to inform strategic direction. Throughout her career, Alison has been privileged to work with a range of companies at different stages of their business journey, from high profiles brands, such as Boots  to an SME finance provider and new start ups utilising research to scope the market opportunity. Alison will be leading the session on ‘Profiling the Customer’.

Annabelle Beckwith

Annabelle BeckwithAnnabelle has almost twenty years experience training and coaching leaders in multinational corporates as well as working with entrepeneurs and business owners to review and develop strategy, and to built the skills and capabilities to ensure that the strategy is delivered. Her workshop on ‘Partnerships and Collaborations’ will draw on internationally recognised best practice, personal experience and patterns of behaviour to give you guidelines on how to approach these working relationships – and the pitfalls to avoid.


Paula Finch

Paula FinchPaula Finch is an award winning business woman who likes to buck the trend and do things differently in ways that create results. She runs a number of successful businesses as well as supporting business owners to drive business growth for over 25 years. An experienced top-level Director Paula is passionate about supporting success driven business owners to increase profits by giving them proven business development strategies, techniques and tools that really work , increasing loyalty across all aspects of business and growing on average 35% year on year. Paula is leading our ‘People and Resources’ session within the programme.

Simon Jones

Simon_1Simon spent over 20 years in the management consultancy profession after reading Economics, acquiring a Healthcare Management MBA on the way and a brief stint in banking.  His focus was on strategy development, operations, transformation, change management and investment appraisal in the telecoms, airlines, oil and gas and public sectors.  Simon is leading our ‘The Business Plan’ session and co-leading the ‘Funding and Growth’ session with Russell.

Amy Farrell


Amy is Business Development Officer for Greenborough Management Ltd. Amy manages the marketing and promotion of the 10by10 Programme, as well as being involved in the preparation of course materials.


Our Mentors

We also have a fantastic team of mentors to help our 10by10 businesses strengthen their plans and support their growth; Simon Jones, Stuart Hartley, David Williams, Lesley Crane, Jayne Southall, William Stokes, Craig Marsh, Clive Vacher, Neil Everatt, Andrew Bailey.