10by10 Team

Michelle Davis


Michelle is Head of Business Development at Greenborough Management Ltd, charged with leading on the identification of new funding streams and for driving their marketing and business development activities.

Michelle was the inspiration behind the set-up of the 10by10 programme, and is instrumental in the organisation and production of the 10by10 material.

Russell Copley

Russell_ColourRussell is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant of Greenborough Management ltd. Russell has worked for over 30 years in a number of business environments, from multi-national plcs to start-ups. He has worked in private and public sectors. He has developed and managed a number of successful businesses, both for himself, and others, and relishes a challenge.

Russell is not only heavily involved in the running of the  Programme, he is one of the Facilitators for the ‘Funding and Growth’ with Simon, and leading the session on ‘Pitch Training’.

Lesley Crane

lesley craneLesley is a PhD and an experienced specialist consultant and entrepreneur in adult learning and development with a career that stretches 30 years. Her work spans both private and public sector, working for some of the most exciting and challenging organisations at international and national level.

She has a particular focus and expertise on strategically leveraging technology to enhance and improve learning and education, with the emphasis on artificial intelligence and machine learning

Amy Farrell


Amy is Business Development Officer for Greenborough Management Ltd.

Amy manages the marketing and promotion of the 10by10 Programme, as well as being involved in the preparation of course materials.


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